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Probably the utmost overlooked nutrient is Water.  About two/thirds of your body is made up of water.  It is in and around nearly every one of the cells in your body.  Human brain is made up of 95% water, tadalafil blood is 80%, illness and lungs 90%.  For this reason, you can only survive without water for maybe a couple of days. Of course when you eat foods like fruits and vegetables or drink milk and juices, you are consuming a small amount of water. However, it is a good idea to drink water first thing in the morning,  with snacks, and as the main drink during a meal.  Making a  regular habit of getting plenty of water in daily is key.  A small descent in the body’s water resource can prompt signs of early or mild dehydration such as extreme thirst, dry skin, dry mouth, and fatigue.

Assignment #1 – Water a Vital Nutrient

  • Read Web article – Water a Vital Nutrient
  • Print off the FLOWER PETALS (pdf)  graphic organizer and put the word WATER in the middle and in each PETAL put 5 important WATER FACTS you learned from the article.

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