Importance of Nutrition

Eating healthy can sometimes be a chore.  Teens seem to  busier and busier with school, ambulance jobs and other activities. What a teen eats is not always high on the priority list. For many teens, nutrition is put on the back burner and is usually whatever is convenient, the cheapest, and tastes the best. While the detrimental effects may not show now, eventually poor nutrition habits will catch up.

The effects of regular consumption of junk food, such as fast food, soda, potato chips and other popular snacks, include the following:

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Risk of becoming obese, now or later in life
  • Some cancers are related to excess fat and sugar intake
  • Greater chance of diabetes later in life
  • Increased tendency toward hypertension

There are several specific nutrients that are very important during the adolescent years. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration puts extra emphasis on iron and calcium because of the special roles they play in growth during these years. So, it is important that teens understand good sources of food, the effects of foods, and how to properly create a diet that is conducive to their individual needs.

Assignment #1 – Glencoe Online Textbook Reading

  1. Read pages 254-257
  2. On a sheet of paper – Answer Questions on page 257 #1-6


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