Safe & Healthy Relationships

You may be in a relationship right now and not even realize it! You don’t have to be dating someone to be in a relationship. While boyfriends and girlfriends are probably what teens usually associate with the word, healing there are many other types of relationships out there: parents, viagra buy siblings, click friends and teachers are just a few!

All relationships have their ups and downs, but if a relationship has more downs than ups, or you find yourself dealing with problems like divorce, sexting, or cyberbullying, it can feel pretty overwhelming. Safeteens has guides for understanding many common teen relationship problems, tips for handling difficult situations, and resources to get more help. (

Assignment #1 – Identifying a Healthy Relationship Web Read

Assignment #2 – SafeTeens Relationship Guide Web Reads

Assignment #3- Healthy Relationship Quiz

  • Healthy Relationship Quiz

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