Badminton is an indoor/outdoor game played with racket and shuttle cocks. The game as such was started in PUNE (India) later the game was given a boost in England with the name of the hall as “Badminton” was used to give the game its official name.
From then on Badminton was taken up as a recreational sport rather than competative before the game was picked up by the Asian giants like Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Korea, Hongkong etc… and countries like Denmark, Germany, Russia picked up the game later on.
Badminton is the world’s fastest racket sport with a speed of a smash reaching 150KM/PH. (WikiAnswers)

Assignment #1 – Basic ┬áBadminton Shot Videos

What is Badminton?

Overhand Clear Shot

Overhead Drop Shot

Net Drop

Forehand Drive

Smash Shot


Assignment #2 – Badminton Serving Videos

Short Serve

 Long Serve


Assignment #3 – Badminton Study Guide

Assignment #4 – Badminton Quiz – check back