Air Quality & Health

Both outdoor and indoor air quality can affect your health. Certain indoor and outdoor air pollutants can harm human health and damage the natural environment. You normally can’t see it, but air is all around you. The air you breathe ┬áhas a significant impact on your health.

Assignment #1 – Glencoe Text Read

  • Read Glencoe Online pgs. 800-805
  • Write or type answers to Lesson #1 pg. 805 #1-5 (answer all questions using complete sentences)

Assignment #2 – Air and Noise Pollution Concept Map

Assignment #3 – Man-Made Air Pollution Chart

  • Fill out the air pollution chart using your Glencoe Text or any other online resources. You will need to have at least 2-3 pieces of information to fill out the blank blocks in the chart.
  • Finding Sources of Pollution

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